Tuesday, 18 August 2015

How solar power works

How solar power works

Light (photons) striking certain compounds, in particular metals, causes the surface of the material to solar water heater price in Chennai emit electrons. Light striking other compounds causes the material to accept electrons. It is the combination of these two compounds that can be made use of to cause electrons to flow through a conductor, and thereby create electricity. This phenomenon solar water heater price in Chennai  is called the photo-electric effect. Photovoltaic means sunlight converted into a flow of electrons (electricity).

Solar power is a rapidly developing energy source in Australia and around the world. The potential for  solar water heater price in Chennai  using the sun to directly supply our power needs is huge,

Solar panels can generate electricity without any waste or pollution, or dependence on the Earths natural resources once they are constructed. Solar panels have no moving parts solar water heater price in Chennai  so they are very reliable and have a long life span. Solar panels are relatively easy to install and are very low maintenance.

A useful characteristic of solar photovoltaic power generation is that it can be installed on any scale as  solar water heater price in Chennai  opposed to conventional forms of power generation which require large scale plant and maintenance. Solar panels can be installed to generate power where it is needed which solar water heater price in Chennai  removes the need to transport and distribute power over long distances to remote areas.

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