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Things You need to do before installing solar power in your home

1. Reduce your usage/Increase efficiency

The first thing to do before going solar is to see if there are ways to optimize/reduce your energy consumption. solar water heater price in Chennai Check for all conventional equipment in your home and see what you could make more efficient or reduce. CFLs are 4 times more efficient and last 10 times as long as an incandescent bulb, so replacing regular lamps with CFLs and LEDs can bring huge energy savings. Check if you are using energy-star rated equipment. solar water heater price in Chennai These might cost more in the beginning but will pay for themselves in a few years compared to equipment that has no energy rating. Reducing your energy consumption solar water heater price in Chennai  makes it easier to go off the grid and convert your energy source to solar power.

2. Check on how much space you have

Check how much sq ft space you have solar water heater price in Chennai  and in what direction before you buy equipment. Pic courtesy:
The amount of space you have in your home solar water heater price in Chennai  fundamentally decides how much you can go solar in your house. Find out how many sq.ft of roof/balcony area you have in order to install a solar panel. It is optimal for solar panels to face South so that they get sunlight throughout the day.  solar water heater price in Chennai  Solar Panels usually come in standard 250Wp (Watt Peak) to 300Wp panels for larger home installations. Even some medium to large installation use multiple 74Wp or 100Wp panels. It solar water heater price in Chennai  depends on the installer, the space availability and the system design.

3. Measure how much electricity you use everyday

A 3000Wp of solar panels, charged solar water heater price in Chennai  through the day, can provide about 8000 Watts of power, subtracting inefficiencies. A typical Solar Cell provides around 0.5 Volts and around 36 and 72 Solar Cells make up a typical solar panel which implies 12 and 24 Volts. With one panel, you can   solar water heater price in Chennai choose a combination you want to power – all fans or all lights or just the kitchen. The first step is to study your electricity bill. Always go for genuine suppliers. A regular 2/3BHK household using a microwave, will need about 15,000 Watts of power everyday.

The India Solar Homes from Bridge to India can estimate your solar power cost by looking at your State,  solar water heater price in Chennai  your last months electricity bill, power backups you have and reliable .

4. How much will you pay for the sun?

Though solar power can cut down your electricity bills, it does require some installation cost and initial investment.  solar water heater price in Chennai  Figure out how much you can spend and plan your solar implementation accordingly. The cost of solar varies from Rs.40,000 to Rs.6,00,000 depending upon how much of the energy you would like to generate from solar. You can calculate your solar water heater price in Chennai  cost by following method (simplistic way of arriving at approximate)
Calculate your approximate load (in watts) for a day

Divide it by 3 (avg. no of hours of sun)
Multiply by Rs. 110
Eg: For 1800 Watts a day, you need solar panels that can produce 600 Watts. The cost will be 66,000 for this installation.

5. Servicing and maintenance

The life of a solar panel is 25 years. Solar panels have no moving parts or electronics and require practically no maintenance throughout its life of 25 years or so. While buying, solar water heater price in Chennai  ensure you are picking up reliable equipment from genuine certified suppliers. Question the dealer about how they have built the structure of the panel and what is the guarantee.

6. Get a good battery

A typical solar power installation has 4 components: the solar panels, the charge controller solar water heater price in Chennai  (to convert DC to AC), battery charger (for storage) and the actual equipment.

Make sure you buy your battery from solar water heater price in Chennai  a known brand and it is kept at an airy space otherwise will get heated up and the life will get reduced.

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